Roman Imperial

Item Lot Number: 8

Roman Imperial, 10 x Silver Denarii: (1) Faustina Junior rev. SAECVLI FELICIT around two small boys seated on a throne (2) Domitian (as Caesar) rev. COS III above Pegasus stepping right (3) Septimius Severus rev. FORTVNA REDVX around Fortuna enthroned (4) Caracalla rev. INDVLGENTIA AVGG IN (CARTH) Dea Caelestis seated on a lion leaping over water (5) Marcus Aurelius (as Caesar) rev. PIETAS AVG around priestly emblems (lituus, patera, jug etc) (6) Maximinus rev. PROVIDENTIA AVG around standing figure of Providence, globe at her feet (7) Julia Domna rev. SAECVLI FELICITAS Isis standing on prow holding infant Horus (8) Hadrian rev. COS III above 7 stars & crescent; (9) Geta rev. PROVID DEORVM Providential standing left holding rod & sceptre, globe at feet & (10) Lucilla rev. FECVNDITAS Fecunditas seated with two children; generally Fine to VF, most with good portraits

Estimate: £150-250

Sold: £250