Roman Imperial

Item Lot Number: 19

Roman Imperial, 4 x AE Coins comprising: (1) Augustus copper as (moneyers' series) obv. CAESAR AVGVST PONT MA(X TRIBVNIC POT) around bust of Augustus facing right, rev. moneyer's legend: (P L)VRIVS AGRIPPA III (VIR A A A F F) around large S C, some surface corrosion, bust AFine o/wise VG; (2) Nero copper as, normal module, obv NERO CAESAR AVG P MAX TR P P P IMP S C around bust of Nero facing right, rev. Victory holding shield inscribed S (P Q) R, full, clear legends AVF/AFine ; (3) Marcus Aurelius brass sestertius obv. (M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG) ARMENIAC(VS P M), rev. (VICT AVG TR P XVIII IMP II COS III S C) around Victory standing right holding trophy, Armenian captive at feet, most of legends worn o/wise scarce GFine & (4) Philip II as Caesar under Philip I, bronze sestertius, obv. M IVL PHILIPPVS CAES around bare-headed & draped bust, rev. PRINCIPI IVVENT S C around standing figure of Philip holding spear & globe, full, clear legends & good portrait AVF or+, together with 2 x billon antoniniani: Salonina rev.PVDICITIA & Claudius II Gothicus rev. VICTORIA AVG; 2 x billon folles & a centenionalis of Constantine I & Ptolemaic Egypt AE29 of Ptolemy VI Philometor, rev. two eagles standing on thunderbolt; various grades

Estimate: £80-120

Sold: £180