Italian States

Item Lot Number: 42

Italian States, 3 x Silver Coins comprising: Naples & Sicily 120 grana (piastra) 1790 P/M A-P, obv. bust of Ferdinando IV, rev crowned shield dividing initials A P; 27.17g, .833 silver; light contact marks, hairlines, rev adjustment marks on shield o/wise good edge & surfaces Fine to GFine; Naples & Sicily 120 grana 1850 obv. bust of Ferdinand II, rev. crowned shield, 27.6g, .833 silver, minor marks & hairlines/edge imperfections o/wise lustrous VF; Milan crocione (Kronenthaler) 1800M obv. laureate bust of Francis II (Holy Roman Emperor) rev. three different crowns & insignia of the Golden Fleece within angles of ornate fluted cross, edge lettering LEGE ET FIDE, 29.4g, .873 silver, light contact marks & hairlines, good edge, Fine/AVF, together with Kingdom of Italy 5 lire 1874M BN obv. bust of Vittorio Emanuele II, rev. crowned shield, 25.03g, .900 silver, minor contact marks/rim imperfections, dark obv tone GFine/VF

Estimate: £60-80

Sold: £60