16 x Miscellaneous English Silver

Item Lot Number: 43

16 x Miscellaneous English Silver, Copper & Bronze Coins & Tokens comprising: Charles II crown 1676 V.OCTAVO, corroded surfaces both sides (more severe on obv) VG, William III sixpence 1697 1st bust, small crowns, S over low S in GVLIELMVS, minor rev. flecking o/wise GFine to AVF, penny 1853 OT far colon, marks on bust o/wise AEF, farthing 1732 Fair to VG, half farthing 1844 AVF/VF, third farthing 1827 VF, third farthing 1902 AVF/GVF; silver shilling token 1812 'Birkinshaw Doncaster' VG/AFine; Malton, anonymous farthing token 1815, rev. ESTO JUSTUS VF, 2 x unofficial farthing tokens: Isaac Earlysman Sparrow London & H & C Grove Birmingham VF,pub token 3d 'TIGER INN, HGIH (sic) ST MERTHYR Fine, Boundary Token Gateshead Parish 1824 GVF, 3 x evasion halfpennies: 1721 GEORGE RULES/BRITAIN'S ISLES,' 1760 GEORGE RULES/NORTH WALES & 1770 GRAGRORY.III. RUS./PAX PLACID Fair to VG, together with Ireland 2 x silver bank tokens 10 pence Irish 1805 VG/Fine & 5 pence Irish 1805 light obv pitting AFine/Fine & James II 2 x gun metal shillings: 1689 Augt VG & (1689) date worn Sep:r verdigris & corrosion patches o/wise AFine

Estimate: £100-150

Sold: £250