Assorted Early 20th Century Evening and Day Bags

Item Lot Number: 2031

Assorted Early 20th Century Evening and Day Bags, including a cream silk bag embroidered with Chinese figures; two gold/bronze brocade bags; sequin and bead bag; black silk bag with floral embroidery; hinged bag/compact with brass sides and silver brocade fabric mount, pale pink bakelite fitted interior; Jarrold's woven wool purse with zip, another similar with metal clasp, pink silk purse with glass clasp; Peter M Alan brown grosgrain day bag and another in suede with leather mounts (11)

Estimate: £80-120

Sold: £100
Condition Report:
French gilt bead and sequin bag, gilt metal hinge, 14cm by 15cm - lining good, little bead loss. Gilt brocade purse - some rubbing to brocade, slight wear to lining, 13cm by 15cm. Brown suede and leather bag - rubbing to suede around edges, brass mount rubbed and tarnished, brown lining shows wear, 22cm by 19cm. English bag with Chinese figure - couple of loose threads, slight staining, yellow mark to inside pocket, slight wear to lining, 24cm by 17cm. Peter Alan brown grosgrain bag - slight wear to fabric mount, lining good, 25cm by 20cm. Compact bag with silver brocade - 20cm by 14cm by 4cm, staining and rubbing to brocade fabric, brass mount tarnished, later rings to chain handle, small tear to lining near mirror. French black silk embroidered bag - colours silks faded and worn. Wear down the pleats, tears to silk, staining to cream lining, 16cm by 17cm. Pink and silver bag - staining and fading, couple of tiny holes to top, staining to lining, 18cm by 13cm. Bronzed brocade evening bag -gathered top coming loose from metal mount, couple of tears and wear to lining, circular knop had been re-soldered, 23cm by 18cm. Green and yellow wool purse - good condition, 14cm by 13cm. Jarrolds Bags, Sloane St. - silk and wool woven bag - couple of small stains, lining ok.