Clement IX

Item Lot Number: 12

Clement IX, Year 1, 1667, gilt bronze, by Albert Amerano, obv. portrait, l., wearing camauro, mozzetta and stole, rev., pelican in her piety, ALIIS NON SIBI CLEMENS, 34 mm, 20.6 g; Innocentius XI, 1676, gilt bronze, by Hamerani, obv. portrait, l., wearing tiara and embroidered cope, rev., holy dove, FIAT PAX IN VIRTUTE TUA, 28 mm, 13.6 g, and Pius IX, Year 14, obv., portrait, l., wearing tiara and cope, rev., crucifixion scene, S. PETRUS BAPT. AB ADSCENS D. N. ET SOCII. XXII EX. ORD. FRANCISCAL MARTIRES IAPON, loop suspension, 32 mm, 13.6 g (3)

Estimate: £100-150

Sold: £70