Benedictus VIII

Item Lot Number: 13

Benedictus VIII, Restitutional medal, bronze, obv. portrait, r., wearing tiara and cope, rev., shield and tiara above crossed keys, 42 mm, 31.1 g; another, Stephanus III, bronze, obv. portrait, l., wearing tiara and cape, rev. crossed keys, COELOR. CLAVES. REGNI, 43 mm, 33.9 g; and six others, similar, comprising Ioannes XVI, 43 mm, 24.9 g, Ioannes XVII, 42 mm, 22.5 g, Donnus II, 44 mm, 23.6 g, Ioannes XIII, 43 mm, 25.6 g, Leo III, 38 mm, 22.5 g and Hadrianus I, 42 mm, 23g (8)

Estimate: £150-250

Sold: £220