Pius VII

Item Lot Number: 16

Pius VII, Year 18, Restoration of Ancient Monuments, bronze, by T.M., obv., portrait, r., wearing tiara and cope, rev. monumental sculpture, MONUMENTORUM VETERUM RESTITUTORI, 41 mm, 37.8 g; Pius IX, Year 17, 1862, bronze, by C. Voigt, obv. portrait, r., wearing cap and cope, rev., St. Peter, seated, receiving gifts, PETRI INOPIAM CHRISTIANI STIPE SUSTENTANT: ANTIQUA PIETAS RENOVATUR, 43 mm, 37.1 g; Pius IX, Year 21, bronze, by G. Cerbara, obv., portrait, l., wearing cap and embroidered cope, rev., heads of two apostles, ROMAE PARENTES ARBITRIQUE GENTIUM, 43 mm, 37.5 g, and Innocent XI, Year 13, by Hamerani, obv. portrait, r., wearing camauro, cape and stole, rev. female figure emblematic of Italy seated with lion and column sections, FORTITUDO MEA DOMINE, 36 mm, 29.8 g (4)

Estimate: £120-180

Sold: £110