Alexander VII

Item Lot Number: 17

Alexander VII, Year 12, 1667, Completion of the Collonade in the Piazza San Pietro, bronze, by Gaspare Moroni, obv. Portrait l., wearing tiara and embroidered cope, rev. view of collonade surmounted by holy dove, AEDIBUS OECONOMIA ET DISCIPLINA RESTITUTIS, 42 mm, 28.8 g; Paulus III, Year 16, bronze, obv. portrait wearing embroidered cope, rev., architectural study, AN. IOBI. LAEO. M.D.L. PETRO.APOST. PRINC. C., 43 mm, 41.2 g; Leo XII, bronze, 1823, obv. portrait wearing cap and embroidered stole, rev., SUFFRAGIIS IV KAL OCT MDCCCXXIII DECLARATIS, 43 mm, 41.2 g, and Innocent XII, Year 6, bronze, by Hameranus, obv. portrait r., wearing tiara and embroidered cope, rev., supplicants kneeling before figure in throne chair, ANNUNTIATE INTER GENTES, 36 mm, 21.3 g (4)

Estimate: £120-180

Sold: £120