Item Lot Number: 19

Leo XII, Year 2, bronze, by G. Cirometti, obv., portrait, l., wearing tiara and embroidered cope, rev., processional scene through holy door with pope and attendants, IANUAS COELI APERUIT, 42 mm, 37.9 g; Pius II, Restitutional medal, bronze, obv., portrait, l., rev., papal shield surmounted by crossed keys and tiara, GLORIA SENENSI D. C. PICCOLOMINI, 44 mm, 44.6 g; Gregorius XVI, Year 9, 1839, bronze, by Girometti, obv., portrait r., wearing cap and embroidered stole, rev. group of five saints on billowing cloud, MIRABILIS DEUS IN SANCTIS SUIS, 44 mm, 33.7 g and Innocent XII, 1700, Ceremony of the Holy Door, obv., portrait l., wearing tiara and embroidered cope, rev., pope breaking sealed doorway before religeous assembly, DOMUS DEI PORTA COELI, (lacking suspension loop), 39 mm, 31.6 g (4)

Estimate: £120-180

Sold: £120