Septimus VII

Item Lot Number: 23

Septimus VII, 1802, baiocco (damages); another, 1816; Clement XI, bronze medal (considerably worn), 36 mm, 19.4 g; Innocent XIII, Year 2, 1722, silver, by H(amerani ?)., obv., portrait l., wearing tiara and embroidered cope, rev., female figure beside pedestal supporting papal objects, OMNIA POSSUM IN QUI ME CONFORT, 32 mm, 17.9 g; Pius IX, bronze, by L.T., obv. portrait l., wearing cap and embroidered stole, rev., Christ giving keys to kneeling St. Peter, CLAVES REGNI CAELOR, ring suspension, 37 mm, 24.3 g, and Clement XI, Year 3, bronze, by Hamerani, obv., portrait, l., wearing camauro and embroidered stole, rev., recumbent warrior with lion, ROBUR AB ASTRIS, 34 mm, 18.4 g (6)

Estimate: £120-180

Sold: £150