A Second Boer War Distinguished Conduct Medal

Item Lot Number: 28

A Second Boer War Distinguished Conduct Medal, awarded to 10821 SERJT:J.T.BIBBY. 15TH IMP:YEO:, together with his hand written diary in which he describes his departure from Preston at 10.30pm Friday March 30th (1900). He arrived at Southampton the following morning. where he went on board ship in the company of detachments of Yeomanry and officers including the Duke of Norfolk and Colonel Paget. He describes the voyage and arrival at Cape Town, South Africa on 17th April. He then describes the trek across country, various engagements with the Boers, many of whom surrendered. The latter part of the diary describes days of fierce fighting. It ends with him going into hospital with a sprained arm. He is then told he will have to have an operation for an aneurism, but thinks himself luckier than most of the other patients! Last entry for 1st August 1900 also a British War Medal, to 27427 S.SJT.D.JONES. R.A.M.C. (3)

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