Emergency Civil War Coinage – A Silver Ninepence minted during the Siege of Newark

A rare, diamond-shaped coin created during the English Civil War is one of the highlights of our forthcoming Coins, Banknotes & Tokens Sale on 26th July. The silver ninepence was made in Newark during the Civil War, under the reign of Charles I, as emergency coinage when the town was under siege.

Newark was a site of strategic importance to both Royalists and Parliamentarians during the Civil War, as two major roads – the Great North Road, and the Fosse Way – ran through the town. Occupied by Royalists during the early years of the war, Newark was besieged by Parliamentarians three times – briefly in 1643 and 1644, and then for a little over five months in 1645-6. It was during this long siege that our coin was made.

Sixpence, ninepence, shilling and halfcrown coins were all made following the same diamond shape, and most were made from pieces of metal cut from silver tableware and other decorative objects. The coins were then stamped with the crown, with Roman Numerals showing the coin’s value, and with the name of the town. Half-crown siege coins are not uncommon, but the ninepence is rare, and sixpences are even rarer.

This particular example of the silver ninepence is in good condition and is being sold with an estimate of £1,000-1,500.

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