Worth their weight in … brass!

Tennants Auctioneers in Leyburn, North Yorkshire are delighted to be offering for sale on 24th November a Private Collection of over fifty lots of Locomotive Nameplates, Totems, Targets and models as part of their Toys, Models & Collectables auction.

There is no more evocative an image of transport than a steam train, white plume puffing, powering through the English countryside. The railways have long exerted a fascination – and today the market for Railwayana remains strong, with steam enthusiasts eager for their own piece of railway history.

At the very top of the collector’s dream wish list of Railwayana are steam locomotive nameplates – the brass or steel plaques bolted to the front or flanks of the locomotive engines. Highly collectable, good locomotive name plates only rarely come up for auction, but when they do they are sure to cause a stir in the world of Railwayana. Commanding the highest prices are plates that come with a good name, or from a class of locomotive with fewer engines built.

Included in the present collection are five locomotive nameplates:

Lord Dowding (34052) – with original crest: a Battle of Britain Class Pacific locomotive, built for Southern Railways. Running between 1946 and 1965, the loco was named after the 1st Baron Dowding, an Air Chief Marshal who played a crucial role in national defence during The Battle of Britain (Estimate: £30,000-40,000 plus 22.2% buyer’s premium)

Lord President (2003): a P2 Class locomotive, built as a heavy express train for London & North East Railways. It ran between 1936 and 1944 (Estimate: £10,000-15,000 plus 22.2% buyer’s premium)

Blandford (34107) – with original crest and scroll: a West Country Class Pacific Bulleid locomotive, built for Southern Railways, which ran between 1950 and 1964. The locomotive was renamed Blandford Forum in 1952 (Estimate: £20,000-30,000 plus 22.2% buyer’s premium)

Reading Abbey (5084): a Great Western Railway Star Class locomotive, later rebuilt into a Castle Class engine. It ran between 1937-1962 (Estimate: £12,000-18,000 plus 22.2% buyer’s premium)

Holland Afrika Line (35023): A Merchant Navy Class steam locomotive built for Southern Railways. Running between 1948-1946, it was named after one of the shipping lines that used Southampton Docks (which were served by Southern Railways) during peace time (Estimate: £20,000-30,000 plus 22.2% buyer’s premium)

A good selection of Southern Railways Station Totems and Targets, and a Royal Scot headboard, are also included, along with fine modern model locomotives.

For further details contact Tennants’ specialist Kegan Harrison on 01969 623780, enquiry@tennants-ltd.co.uk, or visit www.tennants.co.uk

A fully illustrated catalogue for the Toys, Models & Collectables Sale will be available on our website, www.tennants.co.uk leading up to the sale, alternatively, please contact the salerooms for further details.


Locomotive Nameplate: Blandford – Estimate £20,000 – 30,000
Locomotive Smokebox Plate (photographed with Blandford plate) – Estimate £4,000-6,000
Locomotive Nameplate: Lord Dowding – Estimate £30,000 – 40,000