Roman Imperial; A Collection of 45 x Silver

Item Lot Number: 21

Roman Imperial; A Collection of 45 x Silver, Copper & Bronze Coins comprising: 8 x silver denarii:
Vespasian (S2317), Marcus Aurelius (as Caesar) scratches both sides (S4782), Faustina Junior, under Marcus Aurelius (S5249), Lucilla (S5490), Commodus (S5674), Julia Domna (S6614), Caracalla (S6895) & Macrinus (S7342) generally Fine to VF (Julia Domna); silver antoninianus Philip II (S9277) VF; silver siliqua Gratian, TRPS in ex. followed by dot, edge striking crack at 11 o'clock (S19964); 10 x billon antoniniani, all different Emperors & including Macrianus (S10803), Florianus ((S11852), Carausius (S13664) & Allectus (S13818); 3 x sestertii: Sabina (S3933), Severus Alexander (S7974) & Trebonianus Gallus (S9678?); brass dupondius Trajan (S3225); copper as Hadrian, rev. the first representation of Britannia on Roman coinage, rare but corroded surfaces (S3676) & 20 bronzes of various denominations - including folles of Diocletian, Licinius & Severus II, maiorinae including Constantius Gallus, Magnentius, Aelia Flaccilla & Constantius II Augustus, centenionales including Fausta & Delmatius, a half centenionalis of Honorius & other bronzes; various grades, majority Fine or+ (references: 'Roman Coins & Their Values' Sear, Vols I to V, 2002 - 2014))

Estimate: £400-500

Sold: £300