Assorted Bisque and China Head Doll and Dolls House Dolls

Item Lot Number: 2001

Assorted Bisque and China Head Doll and Dolls House Dolls, including a bisque figure of a boy in Scottish black watch tartan outfit, moulded hair, painted face and hair, bisque lower arms and legs, 27cm; similar figure in a possibly Swiss costume, 23cm; miniature figure dressed in a flamenco outfit, bisque lower arms and legs and face, and blue glass eyes, long brown plait, 9cm; two other miniature bisque figures with jointed arms and legs, one with moulded hair, the other a blond wig, painted socks and shoes, both 9cm; china half doll, with moulded and painted hair, with china lower arms and legs, 18cm (6)

Estimate: £60-100

Sold: £80
Condition Report:
Scottish boy - one leg appears to be longer than the other, sporran damaged and split to fabric torso. Swiss costume - appears in good condition. Flamenco figure - firing fault to the inside of her shoe, otherwise just a bit grubby. Two jointed figures - scuffing and wear. Figure in green has had some glue on his hair. China head doll; some scuffing and wear.