Taxidermy: Tiger Skin (Panthera tigris tigris) circa 1930

Item Lot Number: 20

Taxidermy: Tiger Skin (Panthera tigris tigris) circa 1930, flat head skin rug with limbs outstretched, 261cm nose to tail, 210cm across fore limbs, 170cm across rear limbs,

Purchased by the previous owner from Collings Auctioneers Norfolk on 11/10/1991 sales receipt included

Cites Annex A Appendix I (Exempt)

Estimate: £350-550

Sold: £500
Condition Report:
overall faded condition , some bald patches around various areas of the skin, tail is reduced in length, signs of previous attachment to a backing of some type, front right paw 4 claws, front left paw 4 claws, rear right paw 4 claws, rear left claw 2 claws, Robbie 12/12/17