Taxidermy: Hippopotamus Tusks

Item Lot Number: 25

Taxidermy: Hippopotamus Tusks, (Hippopotamus amphibius) circa 1950, a pair of lower jaw tusks, 40cm and 35cm measured along outer curve, (af), a pair of African Warthog Tusks, 23cm and 26cm measured along outer curve, a cased set of Indian Wild Boar Tusks, circa 1897, Meerut India, two sets of tusks enclosed within a leather case with green velvet and silk interior, a pair of Waterbuck Horns, 56cm and 57cm long measured straight, a pair of Hippo Tusks lower jaw, circa 1950, 21.5cm and 21cm long, (9)

Estimate: £120-180

Sold: £90