Taxidermy: A Collection of Inkwells and Ashtrays

Item Lot Number: 32

Taxidermy: A Collection of Inkwells and Ashtrays, a Horse hoof inkwell with silver plated shoe and mount stamped Rowland Ward Piccadilly, inscribed Runner up Kadir Cup 1931, Winner Hoghunters Cup 1932, "PRAWN", Killed when Hunting Kadir Cup 1933, together with an ashtray mounted Horse hoof by Rowland Ward Piccadilly, with pewter mount and brass shoe, inscribed "Kilbride" Winner Royals Heavy, WT.PT to PT 1920, another Inkwell attributed to Rowland Ward, with copper shoe and mounts, inscribed "Erzsike" 1900-1924, a Bulls hoof ashtray with silver plated tray (unmarked), two leather Antler handled leather horse whips, (6)

Estimate: £80-120

Sold: £220