Taxidermy: Carrion Crow

Item Lot Number: 33

Taxidermy: Carrion Crow, (Corvus corone), modern, full mount perched upon a branch with head turning slightly to the left and beak open, mounted upon an oak base 34cm high overall, Mink (Neovison vison), in recumbent position with foot raised, mounted upon a circular oak base, Stoat, (Mustela erminea), circa 1980, full mount in winter coat stood upon a faux rock with ferns and fauna, mounted upon an oak base, 23cm high overall, Juvenile Cape Porcupine, (Hystrix africaeaustralis), circa 1960, full mount in walking pose , 56cm nose to tail, a Snakeskin wrapped bottle, Badger, circa 1913, full mount stood upon a large faux rock with a weasel prey below, 66cm high overall, (6)

Estimate: £100-150

Sold: £160