A Gilt Metal Buckle

Item Lot Number: 49

A Gilt Metal Buckle, dated 1854, of lobed circular form, set with a central carnelian cameo, garnet cabochons, amethysts and citrines within enamel and ropetwist borders, inscribed verso Ex Dono Smi Patris Pii, Papae, IX. Robto Gulmo Willson Epo Hobart Die XXVII Julii Anno S. 1854, 12cm diameter; and A Bronze Papal Medal, cast with a bust portrait and inscribed Pius Septimus Pontifex Max, the reverse with the Colosseum and further inscriptions, 7cm diameter (2)

Inscription on buckle translates as: A Gift From His Farther Pope Pius IX to Robert William Willson, Bishop of Hobart, 27th July 1854

Robert William Willson was the first Roman Catholic Bishop of Hobart

Estimate: £200-300

Sold: £2900
Condition Report:
Leaf cast moulding missing from above cameo. All leaf cast moulding and scroll mouldings about cameo possibly originally enamel, some remnants of enamel still remaining. Both with typical very minor surface scratching and wear. 110318. Red cameo - 30mm by 12.5mm.