Tennants Wine Auctions

Wine Auctions at Tennants

In just over 4 years wine auctions at Tennants have totalled over £1,200,000 in wine sales alone.  We are now established as one of the leading auction houses for selling wine in the UK and one of only a select handful that have separate dedicated sales rather than incorporating wine sales as part of another sale.

Specialist Marketing

Why is it important that the wine auctions are separate sales?  Simply put there is very little crossover between antique buyers and wine buyers.  The majority of the buyers we see at the wine auctions are members of the wine trade, those affiliated with wine societies or groups or individuals who have a passion for wine.  Although some do have an interest in antiques, the majority focus their time and energy solely into wine. 
In order to reach this target audience we take several steps to help market your wine.
  • We have a dedicated mailing list and over 300 printed catalogues are sent to specialist buyers all over the UK and PDF copies are sent to overseas buyers
  • All of the wine is listed on Wine Searcher – the leading online wine search engine.  Our results are sponsored which means that our results show to non-subscribers of the Wine Searcher service.
  • The wine auctions are advertised in dedicated press such as Decanter
  • Banner adverts are placed on specialist websites and forums such as Wine Pages
  • Lots in the glossy printed catalogues are broken down by country, then region, and lotted in alphabetical and date order. 
  • Every lot is photographed and illustrated on Tennants website and The Saleroom.

From an Entire Cellar to a Few Bottles - We Can Help

Wine auctions are a great way to sell an entire cellar and the value is sufficient we are able to host a specialist sale dedicated to your cellar.  One such sale was held for a gentleman’s cellar of Burgundy in 2015.  Owing to the rarity of the bottles (with 21 lots of Romanee Conti) and their superb condition the sale totalled over £120,000 from just over 160 lots. 
Even if you have just a few odd bottles our wine auctions can still accommodate them.  Our minimum lot value is £60, and with many single bottles of claret and burgundy worth well in excess of this, even if you have one bottle we can still help you.  Owing to the diverse interest of the wine buyers at our wine auctions these odd bottles can have just as much interest as full cases, especially to wine societies or tasting groups who like to buy such lots for their tastings.

How to Get Your Wine Valued

Our specialists are able to offer you a full valuation service for private sale, probate, or insurance.  In order to get a speedy valuation please download and complete the valuation form.  We will then contact you with a spreadsheet detailing the value of all of your wine, and from where you can decide, if necessary, what wine you would like to drink and what you would like to sell.

Collection of Your Wine

If you are not able to bring the wine to one of our offices (Harrogate or Leyburn) we have a fleet of vans that are able to collect your wine for you.

Contact us About our Wine Auctions

You are welcome to send in your own spreadsheet or typed list of your wine but as the details will need re-formatting there may be a slightly longer response time.  Alternatively you can arrange for us to come and inspect the wine in situ.  You can contact us on 01969 623780 or email enquiry@tennants-ltd.co.uk  

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