An important collection of scales, weights & measures to be auctioned at Tennants

Part II of the fine Rangeley Collection of Scales, Weights & Measures will be auctioned on 17th February as part of the Scientific Instruments, Cameras and Tools sale.  Included are around 60 lots of mainly postal scales dating from the Victorian era.
Albert Rangeley had a lifelong interest in scales, weights and measures, having represented W. & T. Avery Limited for twenty five years. He was the Past Secretary, Treasurer and European Director of The International Society of Antique Scale Collectors (Europe). The first part of the collection was sold at Tennants in 1994.
Specialist Kegan Harrison says, ‘The collection demonstrates many of the possible ways scales can be constructed to solve the problem of establishing the weight of an item - from the prosaic equal-arm beam scales and Robeval scales (familiar shop scales) to the more exotic pendulum and spring balances. The collection ranges from the utilitarian to highly decorative examples made for the gentry by companies such as Asprey.’
Whilst the sale will attract specialists, many of these items are highly decorative and appeal to a wider audience. In particular Trading Standard volume measures, marked with towns and counties, interest collectors of regional items. Examples include 19th century Bronze measures for the County Palatine of Lancaster (1819), Manchester (1825) and Hang West North Yorkshire Riding (1835). Of local interest to the salerooms in North Yorkshire is a wooden Winchester Bushel (a standard measure of volume first instituted in 1495) made by cooper John Savidge of Tower Street, London in 1770 for the town of Thirsk. Beautifully made and fully marked it will be sold with an estimate of £300-500.
Quirky items will are also expected to attract interest - such as the brass Lobster measure made by Barnard, Bishop & Barnards (Norwich), which is engraved with ‘IV. Lobster Act 1877. Any lobster measuring less than eight inches from the tip of the beak to the end of the tail when spread out flat to be returned’. Estimate £60 – 80.

A fully illustrated catalogue will be available on our website leading up to the sale.
Auction:           17th February 2017 10.30am
Viewing:          16th February 2017 9am-5pm and morning of sale
We are currently accepting entries for the next Scientific Instruments sale on 7th June 2017. For consignment enquiries please contact 01969 623780.