Valuations For Probate, Insurance & Family Division

Valuations For Probate, Insurance & Family Division

Valuations For Probate, Insurance & Family Division

Professional written valuations form a central part of our business, and by using the services of our Valuations Department you will know you are getting the right advice when it comes to probate, insurance or family division. 

Up-to-date valuations give peace of mind and can form an important part of financial planning.

Probate Valuations

Executors and Trustees looking for that professional service will find that our valuations include an accurate calculation of Inheritance Tax liability as well as being a useful tool in assisting with the fair and even distribution of chattels.

Our 27 specialist departments are crucial in reaching the correct and most up-to-date valuation figure.

Probate valuations are compiled in compliance with Section 160 of the 1984 Inheritance Act and are presented to replicate the IHT 407 forms.

Individual items with a value of £1,500 or more are required, by law, to be specifically identified.  However, because it is useful for executors, we will give more detailed descriptions of items with a lesser value.

Once probate has been granted, we can advise on the sale by auction for complete or partial estates and can arrange collection and safe storage until the most appropriate sale arises.


Insurance Valuations

Insurance valuations can prove to be an essential record in the event of loss or damage. 

Before undertaking any insurance valuation, be it a single item or house contents, we will discuss your individual needs to ensure the burden of insurance accurately reflects both your and your insurance company’s requirements.  This may well have a bearing on the premiums you pay.

We recommend that insurance valuations are updated every 5-8 years to take into account fluctuations in the current market, to prevent being either over or under insured.


Family Division and Willing Buyer/Willing Seller

We also offer valuations for scenarios where fairness and transparency are key.


Your Valuation

Your itemised valuation will be sent to you as a bound document, and can include photographs if required.  Digital versions are also available.


Our fees are calculated on an hourly basis and are highly competitive.