From Henry VII to Oliver Cromwell

The sale of Coins, Tokens & Banknotes at Tennants Auctioneers on 7th February comprises over 300 lots, including ancient hammered coins, English and foreign milled coins, banknotes, tokens and medallions. Of particular note are five coins which chart English history from 1504-1658.

The first is a Henry VII Gold Angel, minted in London in 1504-5, which is estimated at £1,500-2,000 (plus buyer’s premium). Secondly, a Henry VIII Gold Crown of the Double Rose is entered with an estimate of £800-1,200 (plus buyer’s premium); it an example of posthumous coinage, and was minted in 1549 during the early years of Edward VI’s reign.

The highlight of the sale, however, is a rare Elizabeth I gold half pound coin. Minted in London in 1560-1 (as denoted by the presence of a ‘Cross Crosslet’ mint mark), the coin was equivalent to 10 shillings or a third of a sovereign. Half pound coins of this date rarely come onto the market, and few almost perfectly round and in such good condition as this example. The coin is being sold with an estimate of £4,000-5,000 (plus buyer’s premium).

The last two coins are a Charles I Halfcrown in very fine condition, minted in York in 1642-44, which is estimated at £600-800 (plus buyer’s premium), and a rare Oliver Cromwell Shilling from 1658 – the year of his death. Very little coinage was issued during the years Cromwell served as Lord Protector of England (1649-58), thus Commonwealth and Cromwell coinage is much in demand. The shilling is estimated at £750-850 (plus buyer’s premium).

A fully illustrated catalogue will be available on our website leading up to the sale.

Illustrated: Elizabeth I Gold Half Pound Coin 1560-1 – Estimate: £4,000-5,000