Is a picture worth a thousand words? Come and decide for yourselves!

Tennants’ are delighted to announce the inclusion of two fascinating collections in our January 2017 Book, Maps, Photographs & Ephemera sale.

The first comprises an archival assortment of photographs and related publications consigned by the renowned Bradford Photographic Society. Founded in 1860, they are now the fourth oldest continuous photographic society in the U.K. (three of which are in the North of England!) and have had an impressive and influential history.

Being offered for sale are a wide ranging selection of images, produced using varying techniques by their society presidents and members from the 1930’s to the 1980’s. These include incredible landscape views of Yorkshire, the county that has been the inspiration and muse for so many artists, together with some beautiful and intimate portraits of it’s inhabitants, capturing and recording the pure human emotion on the faces of those photographed.

They do have wide appeal, not simply as historical insights into the now seemingly distant 20th Century, but as aesthetic works of art in their own right. In fact they have already caused quite a stir whilst on preview at our Leyburn auction rooms and Harrogate office. Not least to a passer-by who was highly surprised and delighted to see a photograph of her father ‘Derek’, as a young man in a very casual pose and dapper suit, staring back at her as she glanced in the Harrogate window. A lovely and touching coincidence! With something that will assuredly appeal to all tastes, these are not one to miss.

Also included will be a large and important collection of original Ladybird book illustrations by the late John Berry (1920-2009) one of their foremost and longest serving artists.

His career began whilst in the army during WWII, when his talent was spotted and he was made an official war artist. Later, he pursued a successful life in the commercial world of advertising before his first Ladybird commission in 1961. Over the following 17 years he produced the illustrations for 35 publications, including the famous ‘People at Work’ series, numerous images from which will be included in this 150 strong collection.

These iconic works, that became an unforgettable part of so many childhoods, are again not one to miss and a great opportunity to adorn your walls with something different and truly unique.