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A Summer Exhibition: Celebrating Work by Yorkshire Female Artists

17th July 2024 to 1st September 2024

The Garden Rooms at Tennants is delighted to be welcoming five fantastic artists for A Summer Exhibition, which will run from 17th July to 1st September. The artists exhibiting are Ruth Beloe, Di Bourne-Arton, Bridget Gillespie, Rosie Ramsden and Sophie Roberts.

All the paintings on display will be for sale.


Having graduated in 2000, Di is a ceramicist turned painter, working in layers and more importantly with colour.  These pieces were worked specifically with colour with no regard at the time as to the subject, they have been given names but in reality they are open to personal interpretation.  They can also be hung in any way that appeals, so at this moment they may in fact be upside down.  Di mainly works in oils, the subject matter ranging from still-life to moorland.  This reflects where she lives and works.  Painting is a never ending journey, hopefully never coming to an end.



Ruth trained at Charles H Cecil Studios in Florence, a fine art school modelled on the ateliers of 19th century Paris. There, over a period of three years, she studied portrait and figurative drawing and sculpting using the 'sight-size' technique. Once back in the UK she opened her studio in Ely and began accepting portrait commissions in both charcoal and clay. During this period, she was appointed Artist in Residence at the Kings' School, Ely. Following this, Ruth worked for a time in an artists'' foundry to better understand the processes and practicalities of lost wax casting for bronze, and used this technical knowledge to inform her own work in bronze. More recently, attracted by the different visual challenge it presents, Ruth has spent her time painting in oil. She returned to Florence for short periods in 2009 and 2010 to develop her painting technique.

Ruth currently works from her studio in York.



Born in 1962 Bridget has been drawing and painting as long as she can remember. After taking a degree in Graphic Design at Middlesex Polytechnic she worked freelance in general graphics until a college friend requested a painting of her wedding bouquet. This led gradually to a specialism in Botanical work.

Bridget first exhibited at the RHS in 2002, gaining a Gold medal for paintings of Plums, several of which were purchased for the historic Lindley Library. A series of Pear paintings was awarded Gold in 2008. Her watercolours of the life cycle of Root vegetables gained a third Gold in 2017, including one selected for ‘Best in Show,’ and later another was selected for inclusion in the International Collection of the Hunt Institute in Pittsburgh. A fourth Gold medal followed for her series ‘A Yorkshire Hedgerow’ in 2018.

She lives and works in North Yorkshire where she paints, teaches Botanical Illustration, and gives illustrated talks in the history of the subject. She has featured in BBC ‘Autumn Watch’ and BBC World Service ‘The Food Chain.’ Bridget has taught at RHS Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and Harlow Carr as well as demonstrating techniques at RHS Lindley Hall. She has often worked with Helmsley Walled Gardens who have kindly provided specimens, teaching space and the opportunity to contribute to ‘The Northern Pomona – Apples for Cool Climates’, for which Bridget painted the 50 varieties of fruit and her work can be seen in ‘RHS Botanical Illustration – the Gold Medal Winners.’



Rosie Ramsden is an artist and food stylist in North Yorkshire.

Her work in oil and watercolour reflects her new space, having recently moved from city life to rural. She makes sense of her environment with loose, delicate brushstrokes, drawing from life and observing the stillness that nature welcomes.

Over the last three years Rosie has worked on a continuous body of work, Loudest Sensation, with paintings reflecting her bond with a new landscape; noticing and marking the flow of light, colour, sound and feeling behind each small revelation. She comes back to the theme of ‘gloaming’ with smaller, quieter, bluer moonscapes and opens up onto larger surfaces for her abstract floral pieces. She often draws from poetry and literature to begin a painting and titles them with words from meaningful excerpts.

Rosie’s leads painting and drawing classes for Still Flower Drawing and her own project of 6 years, Charcoal Art Club, bringing together artists for quiet, mindful sketching sessions.



Sophie Roberts is a British artist whose art has become known for its masterly ability to deftly depict nature. Living within the glorious Himalayan Garden in North Yorkshire, Sophie’s inimitable backdrop provides a rich source of inspiration. Her creations, which range from classical botanical drawings, still lifes to wider bold landscapes, beautifully reflect this, nature always ubiquitous and present in playful joyful patterns. Collection upon collection is brought to life via a palette of matchless vividity, explosions of colour, contemporary patterns and harmonious tones, bringing immeasurable joy and that very same dual sense of calm and stimulation that comes from being outside.


Exhibition Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 9am-4pm

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