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Diana Bourne-Arton: ART

16th October 2019 to 3rd November 2019

We are delighted to have Diana Bourne-Arton exhibiting here at The Garden Rooms from 16th October – 3rd November 2019.

Diana is a contemporary artist living in North Yorkshire, who draws inspiration from the surrounding landscape, and from her love of travel. After raising her family, Diana completed an HND in Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University, and has since dedicated herself to painting vivid, compelling paintings full of light and colour that verge on the abstract.

 “My inspiration is drawn from the nature that surrounds me; I enjoy experimenting but there are recurring themes which run through my work that give me great pleasure to paint, such as water. Colour is all important too, a flash, or spark in this monochrome world. I still have a long way to go but the journey is fascinating.

The works presented by Diana in this exhibition are a reflection of passing time, executed in both oils and watercolours.



“I have been fortunate in being able to spend much time on the moors.  They are not a monotone landscape that at first glance they may appear, but full of undulations, twists and turns not to mention wildlife!  I work from sketches done in situ, which are then worked up in the studio.  The colours I use are probably irrational, but they seem right.”



“I have always loved the sea in all its moods; I find that spending time just looking can be restoring and uplifting – the overwhelming power released by the waves one minute and total calm the next.  It’s mesmerising.”



“The genre of still life is my attempt at playing at being Giorgio Morandi, the Italian artist who created beautifully simple, tonal pictures.  Not perhaps the most cheerful artist to try to emulate, but he was addicted to painting his beloved bottles, jugs and familiar objects he loved. You will see there is a recurring theme to some of these pieces.”

“My goal as an artist is to create something which you instantly fall in love with, as well as looking incredible in your home”.

All works are for sale.

Free entry. 

Private View: 16th October

Open: 17th October

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