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Exhibition: 'Sun & Shadow' by Judith Bromley

20th October 2020 to 1st November 2020

Judith Bromley returns to The Garden Rooms at Tennants to bring a new selection of her vibrant landscape paintings of the Dales in her new selling exhibition – ‘Sun & Shadow’.


Artist’s Statement:

“There is something about the transitory nature of clouds flowing over our dales landscape, which has been created by ancient geological changes over aeons of time, that draws me to watch and paint. The shadows describe the shapes of the fells and dales, patches of sun highlight fields and walls fashioned by human hands over centuries: time and space, light and shadow.

I enjoy painting with oils on canvases which wrap around the edges, the painting becomes a slice of landscape and sky rather than being put in a frame like looking through a window. It makes me feel that I am still in amongst it all, rather than observing it from indoors.

Coming back to painting after a break, following the challenging but successful ‘Climb up to the Moor’ exhibition, I have immersed myself again in the act of translating into paint on canvas the effect of the changing climate on cloudscapes, valley and moorland. Clouds accumulate and tower, vaporise and dissolve; they billow and roll, chase and settle. The sky reflects my churning emotions; a sudden squall, the gradual build-up of cumulus as a storm develops, the peaceful secrecy of morning mist, the fierce rage of a stunning daybreak and the glory of the setting sun. High up on the fells I experience a different perspective, an overview, on the trouble and complexities of life.

I feel passionately about our planet earth, and have got to know intimately this small part, my home”.


The Garden Rooms at Tennants, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5SG

Tel: 01969 621146


The exhibition is free to enter

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