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10 Lots to Watch - Coins, Tokens & Banknotes Sale 10th August

20th July 2022. By Oliver Yarwood

Oliver Yarwood picks his ten favourite lots from the Coins, Tokens & Banknotes Sale on 10th August. 


Lot 17

Roman Imperial, Domitia Longina (wife of Domitian 81-96AD) AE As, obv. DOMITIA AVG IMP CAES DIVI F
DOMITIAN AVG around draped bust right, rev. DIVI CAES MATER S C around Ceres standing left holding corn
ears & sceptre, diameter 28mm, weight 11.74g; corroded edge & patches of surface corrosion but most of
legends clear & quite good detail in bust, VG to Fine, VERY RARE
Estimate: £400-500 plus buyer's premium


Lot 36

John (1199-1216), 'Short Cross' Penny, Class 5b, Winchester Mint, obv. HENRICVS R EX, forward facing bust,
circular pelleted curls, sceptre extends into legend, rev. BARTELME♦ON♦W ('Bartelme of Winchester' moneyer),
cross pattée initial mark, quatrefoils of pellets divided by short cross, S.1351, legends mostly clear, full flan, VF+
Estimate: £60-80 plus buyer's premium


Lot 148

Austria, Leopold I (Holy Roman Emperor 1658-1705), Silver Thaler 1698, obv.
LEOPOLDVS:D:G:ROM:IMP:SE:A:G:H:B:REX around inner beaded circle and old laureate and armoured bust
right, rev. ARCHID:AVST:DVX:BV:COM:TYR: around crowned shield of arms within the chain of the Order of the
Golden Fleece, Hall Mint; diameter 42mm, weight 28.91g, slightly wavy flan, otherwise good edge and unmarked
surfaces, EF.
Estimate: £180-250 plus buyer's premium


Lot 218

William III, Guinea 1700, obv. second laureate head right, rev. crowned cruciform shields, sceptres in angles,
human-headed harp in Irish arms, S.3460, light contact marks, otherwise VF/NVF.
Estimate: £800-1,200 plus buyer's premium


Lot 67

USA, Talbot, Allum & Lee One Cent Token 1795, WE PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER ONE CENT in incuse
lettering on edge, obv. LIBERTY & COMMERCE, Liberty standing with pole in right hand, a Phrygian cap draped
on top, date below, rev. AT THE STORE OF TALBOT ALLUM & LEE NEW YORK, Merchant ship under sail to
right, 9 gunports, KM# Tn72.2, W-8620, verdigris patches and spotting, otherwise AEF.
Estimate: £150-250 plus buyer's premium


Lot 198

USA, 'Liberty Cap' Quarter Dollar 1834, obv. Liberty bust left, flanked by 7 stars left, 6 stars right, date below,
rev. eagle facing left clutching 3 arrows in talons, denomination in exergue, diameter 24.3mm, weight 6.8g, KM#
55, light contact marks, otherwise GVF.
Estimate: £180-250 plus buyer's premium


Lot 230

Victoria, Sovereign 1839, obv. young head left, rev. crowned shield of arms within wreath, bruising to neck of
bust, otherwise VF or better.
Estimate: £1,500-1,800 plus buyer's premium


Lot 92

Victoria, 'Gothic' Crown 1847 UNDECIMO, obv. Victoria dei gratia britanniar. reg: f: d♦ ('Victoria by the grace of
God Queen of the Bitons and Defender of the Faith'), in textualis lettering, 'Gothic' type bust left, rev. tueatur
unita deus anno dom mdcccxlvii ('May God guard the united, the year of our Lord 1847'), crowned cruciform
shields, emblems of the Union in angles, decus et tutamen anno regni undecimo in raised lettering on edge,
S.3833, Bull 2571, ESC 288, with original Spink ticket, light contact marks, otherwise AEF.
Ex Spink & Son lot 505 sale no. 32 30/11/83 (or 1/12/83, two sale dates given)
Estimate: £2,500-3,000 plus buyer's premium


Lot 414

Japan, Hammered Gold and Silver Koban (1 Ryo), undated (1837-1858), Tempo era, elongated oval shaped
60mm by 31mm, weight 11.18g, .698 gold and .302 silver (tested and verified), obv. two rectangular stamps with
value and signature of the Mint Official, and two fan-shaped Kiri crests, rev. three authorisation stamps,
numerous scratches on rev. and light wear along obv. edges, otherwise very well struck, flan not bent or
crimped, EF RARE
Estimate: £800-1,000 plus buyer's premium


Lot 500

USA, Legal Tender $1 1869 'Rainbow Note', obv. signed Allison and Spinner, serial no. V3468845, black on red
and green, Columbus sighting land left, Washington facing bust centre, (Pick 144), three vertical fold marks,
minor corner and edge creases, AVF.
Estimate: £150-250 plus buyer's premium


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