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Coins, Tokens & Banknotes: February Sale Preview

20th January 2022.

Tennants Auctioneers’ Coins, Tokens and Banknotes Sale on 16th February will be led by a Kings of Macedon, Alexander III (336-323 BC) Gold Stater (estimate: £2,800-3,200 plus buyer’s premium). Made in the Miletos mint, near Balat, Turkey, the coin features Athena on the obverse wearing an earring, necklace and crested Corinthian helmet, and Nike on the reverse holding a wreath and stylus. It is in Very Fine or better condition and sold with a certificate of authenticity from The London Mint Office.

From a Private Collection come a Victoria Crown 1844 VIII (estimate: £600-800), a very rare Victoria Sovereign 1862, with second young head left in Good Very Fine/Extremely Fine condition (estimate: £1,000-1,500), a George III Crown 1819 LIX (estimate: £300-400), and a George IV Crown 1821 SECUNDO (estimate: £300-400).

Further interesting coins include a rare Roman Imperial Aelius (Caesar 101-138AD) Silver Denarius in Good Fine condition (estimate: £80-120), a French Silver Six Livres 1793 from the Paris mint (estimate: £180-220), and a rare German States Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel 5 Marks 1915A, made for the Wedding and Accession of Ernst August (estimate: £300-400).

Amongst the banknotes in the sale are a Bank of England £5 Series D error banknote, with printing offset on the reverse so that the ‘BAN’ is missing from Bank of England and the portrait of Elizabeth II is off-centred and partly obscured (estimate: £80-120).  On offer with an estimate of £80-120 is a good collection of Confederate States of America banknotes comprising Milledgeville, State of Georgia $1 January 1st 1863, The Confederate States $50 April 6th 1863, Virginia Treasury $1 July 21 1862, Richmond CSA $10 February 17th 1864, and Richmond CSA $5 August 1863. The notes are sold together with a New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern Rail Road Company $3 Nov. 16th 1861, the reverse showing portions of $3 and $5 Bank of Port-Gibbon banknotes due to reuse of old notes during wartime paper shortages.


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