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Costume, Accessories & Textiles Preview: 28th May

10th May 2022.

A charming circa 1830 Grodnertal Doll is one of the highlights of Tennants Auctioneers’ Costume, Accessories and Textiles Sale on 28th May, offered with an estimate of £600-800 (plus buyer’s premium). Such dolls were made in the Grodnertal region of Germany in the 19th century and are of a simple carved wooden design with joints pinned with wooden dowels or pegs, leading to their other name of Peg Dolls. Each doll, which were produced in several sizes, has painted hair and a carved and painted comb on the top of their heads. Often the dolls were sold without any clothes, as the children for whom these dolls were brought were encouraged to make their own dolls clothes. This doll wears a possibly original dress and has attached metal earrings, which are rare but highly sought-after additions to Grodnertal Dolls.

Two interesting samplers will also pique the interest of collectors, the first being an 18th century example, made by Martha Hayter in 1741. The Band Sampler, thus named as the decorative stitches and text are worked in bands, features figures known as ‘boxers’ due to their pose with arms raised in front of their faces in a fighting stance. However, this motif actually represents suitors carrying a flower aloft for their sweetheart. The sampler, which is worked in silks, is offered with an estimate of £800-1,200. Also of note is an Adam and Eve Sampler, worked by Maria Phillis Indermaur in 1799 when she was 9 years old (estimate: £200-300). Maria was born in Southwark, to the south of the Thames in 1790 and died in Norfolk in 1850.


From a Collection of Family Textiles comes a set of four late 18th and early 19th century samplers worked by the daughters of General and Mrs Jenkinson, Frances Althea, Anna Maria, Sophie, Althea Jane, and Elizabeth. The samplers are in remarkable condition for their age and are offered with an estimate of £500-800. From the same Family Collection comes an early 19th century Cream Silk Spencer Jacket, which was part of the wedding trousseau of Elizabeth Acland on her marriage to Henry Jenkinson in 1823 (estimate: £250-350), and lengths of two 18th century silk brocades from the Acland family, one of which was part of Lady Hoare’s wedding dress (estimate: £200-300).

A further private collection – The Lyndhurst Collection – offers a good range of period costume from the 19th and early 20th century. Highlights include a circa 1930s Cream Silk and Lace Wedding Dress, sold alongside further 1930s-50s dresses (estimate: £150-250), and a collection of circa 1920s-30s costume (estimate: £180-220).

Also on offer in the sale are 19th century French fabric pattern and sample books, luxury accessories including Hermès scarves and a Hermès travelling case, and a large selection of vintage costume.


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