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Developments to Jewellery, Watches & Silver Sales

25th October 2019.

Reflecting the long history of interest in the category and its commitment in the field, Tennants Auctioneers is redefining the way it offers Jewellery, Watches and Silver in 2020. The new sale strategy will make it easier for buyers to find their perfect lot and give vendors exciting new catalogues within which their luxury objects can successfully be sold.

The Jewellery, Watches and Silver departments have been going from strength to strength, for example with the sale of the spectacular Castellani bracelet for £46,000, the fine and rare Rolex Daytona for £120,000 and the grand silver epergne for £68,000. With this in mind, the three categories will be joining forces to present six stand-alone sales per year. The Fine Jewellery, Watches and Silver Sale will take place three times a year, coinciding with the Spring, Summer and Autumn Fine Art Sales, and will focus on items with an international appeal such as good wearable jewellery and watches and interesting silver. The Jewellery, Watches and Silver Sale will coincide with the Country House Sale in January, April and September. These sales will focus on the collectable areas of the market which have long been an area of strength for Tennants and will offer items for established buyers to build on their collections and to encourage new collectors into the fields. 

Director and auctioneer Jane Tennant says of the changes: ‘By giving more prominence to Jewellery, Watches and Silver in our busy sale calendar, we aim to give buyers a more focused experience and to continue to develop our offering for clients’.

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