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Personalised Number Plates

30th August 2019.

Personalised or cherished car number plates are big business. We are living the age of Instagram; individuality is key and it seems everyone wants stand out from the crowd and a personalised registration is certainly one way to go about it.

It has been thirty years since the DVLA began auctioning off personalised number plates, and they estimate that a total of £2billion’s worth have been sold (5.9 million registrations), the proceeds of which go to the Treasury. Added to this is the vast number of registrations that are sold on the secondary market every year. Indeed, the market seems to be growing, with the DVLA seeing a 6% increase in sales last year. Buyer’s seem keen to stand out from the crowd, and with plates starting at just a few hundred pounds there is sure to be a registration out there for everyone. However, the rarest and most desirable number plates are rather dearer, with the DVLA’s top grossing registration, ‘25 O’, selling for £400,000 (hammer price). It is thought to now adorn a £10million Ferrari 250SWB once owned by Eric Clapton.

Rare, early or short registrations, along with those that spell out names or words are certainly very desirable on the secondary market, and on 28th September a particularly special registration is to be sold at Tennants – ‘DR 11’. The registration is being sold with a presale estimate of £40,000-50,000 (plus buyer’s premium) and is certain to be the subject of fierce bidding.

Further registrations up for auction in the Motor Vehicle and Automobilia Sale include ‘NVN 66’, ‘8356 HK’ and ‘2222 UB’.

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