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The Colin Mitchell Collection

3rd January 2019.

Part of the Colin Mitchell Collection will be sold in the Country House Sale on 12th January. 

Born in 1934, Colin Mitchell had always had a love of collecting unusual and unique items. As a child he began his collection, which he kept in the attic at his parents’ Helmshore home, adding to it on a regular basis. When he deemed his collection vast and varied enough, Colin then charged 2d. for those interested to view his ‘museum’! This helped him raise money to feed his pet rabbits.

Colin’s love of collecting continued into his adult life when his interest turned to early English 18th and 19th century pottery and works of fine art.  Colin’s current collection covers a wide range of pottery including commemorative ware, early inscribed and dated pearlware pieces, bocage figures, cow creamers, jugs and teapots, as well as his Edgar Hunt animal paintings and a primitive painting of a cow.  Colin’s love of his subject found him constantly searching auction houses and antiques fairs, as well as making frequent visits to antiques shops on the Welsh Borders, a part of the country to which he felt a strong affinity.

Colin loved researching the social history attached to those named and dated pieces he especially sought. These included subjects relating to trade and industry, animal and rural subjects, which reflected his love of the countryside and his sporting pursuits.

Over many decades, Colin Mitchell was a true and passionate collector and, as such, it is hoped that his large and eclectic collection will be shared amongst fellow enthusiasts and hopefully inspire a new generation of collectors, especially collectors of early English pottery.

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