Natural History & Taxidermy

Natural History & Taxidermy

Tennants are the only UK auctioneers to hold regular dedicated Natural History and Taxidermy sales. Our sales cover a wealth of collecting areas, from pre-historic giant clam shells and mineral specimens, to Victorian collector’s cabinets and historic full mount pieces.

We have a strong reputation in the field and a global client base, and have been instructed by internationally recognised collectors such as Jacques Henrijean and John Willett to sell their collections. The department specialises in Victorian and Edwardian taxidermy by the leading firms of the era, including:

  • Rowland Ward
  • Van Ingen of Mysore
  • John Cooper
  • Peter Spicer

Once dismissed as being out of fashion, today Natural History and Taxidermy is appealing to a new generation of collectors and interior designers, appreciated and sought after for both its academic interest and its visual appeal.  

We are aware that Taxidermy can be an emotive subject, and we ensure that all auction entries at Tennants are sold strictly in accordance with CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) regulations. We work in partnership with the Taxidermy Law Co. LLP to ensure we comply with the latest European legislation. Necessary licences or pre-sale approvals are obtained from The Animal and Plant Health Agency, Bristol. 

We are now inviting entries for our forthcoming sales. If you have items you would like to consign, please request a free valuation using the link below.

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Department Specialists

Robbie Bright

Robbie Bright

Natural History and Taxidermy Specialist, General Valuer & Auctioneer

+ 44 (0) 1969 623780

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