Scientific Instruments, Cameras & Tools

Scientific Instruments, Cameras & Tools

The Scientific Instruments Department covers a wide range of fascinating areas of collecting.  

The specialist sales, designed to appeal to collectors, are held three times a year and include:

  • Microscopes, telescopes and binoculars
  • Surveying and navigational equipment and globes
  • Medical and pharmaceutical instruments and equipment
  • Woodworking and engineering tools and technical drawing instruments
  • Weighing and measuring devices
  • Mining equipment
  • Barographs
  • Cameras, from vintage to modern
  • Optical toys including magic lanterns and stereo card viewers

With a strong reputation in the field and a global client base, the Department has been trusted to handle notable private collections of scientific instruments, such as the David Bellamy Collection of Microscopes and Related Equipment.

The specialist is available to offer guidance on all aspects of selling musical instruments at auction, from single items to large private collections, and impartial advice to prospective buyers is offered.

We are now inviting entries for our forthcoming sales. If you have items you would like to consign, please request a free valuation using the link below.

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Department Specialists

Kegan Harrison

Kegan Harrison

Toys and Collectables, Sporting and Fishing, Scientific Instruments, Cameras and Tools, Musical Instruments and Mechanical Music Specialist

+ 44 (0) 1969 623780

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