Q & A with Sarah

Name: Sarah White
Title at Tennants: Vintage Costume & Textile Specialist, General Valuer
No. of years at Tennants: 20
Previous employment: Student! I arrived in June 1994 fresh-faced from Newcastle Polytechnic with a degree in History of Modern Art, Design and Film for six months work experience, and I am still here 20 years later.
Memorable lot or collection: There have been many, from amazing house clearances, Country House sales at Aske and Otterington Hall, to a fantastic collection of kitchenalia and treen from a Canadian client of Rodney’s which included objects never seen before.
Most bizarre lot:  Quite a few of these as well, from gold inside deceased client’s teeth, the under garments of Fred Kempster, the last living giant in England, to more recently a live beetle (species unknown), so I had to refer it to Rentokil.

Memorable occasion: Over a 19 year period this covers quite a lot, however what springs to mind initially was the collection of costume from Castle Howard and exhibition of costume from our Northern collector. Also in my early days helping in the saleroom, Edmund Tennant, (Rodney’s father) would come into the saleroom every afternoon to help ‘sort us out’ and another nickname ‘Lofty’ was given to me, as I stood slightly higher than him, so I had the job of manoeuvring items high up and was taught regularly how to tie up fishing rods!


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